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Supramonte Emotion & Adventure

Sardinia is an extraordinary island. Its territory is varied, sea and mountains alternate without interruption in an ancestral dance that gives us unique panoramas, to be enjoyed inch by inch.

Mountain biking is one of the best ways to experience the unique emotions this island is capable of, which offers breathtaking passages from the inland to the sea. On foot, you experience a total immersive experience in the colors, scents and atmosphere of this area but you travel at a reduced speed, which requires many more days to discover the area. By car it would be impossible to venture into this wild Sardinian area, into the woods and along the paths, and where there are driveways, one travels at too high a speed, completely losing contact with the intense nature. Our proposals are for excursions in Sardinia with pedal assisted mountain bike, to offer the best exploring conditions without, however, taking away from the experience of a ride in nature. Excursions with Thok e-bikes in Sardinia use perfect trail bikes for all types of terrain and take advantage of the potential of assisted pedaling to give greater impulse and dynamism to the movement.

The paths of transhumance wind in a non-anthropized, harsh and hard territory, where the support of an assisted pedaling system becomes a great help to overcome certain passages, especially for those who are not expert bikers. The Supramonte is one of the most suggestive places for excursions in Sardinia by mountain-bike. Mema bike tours, with its Sardinia Thok Tour, offers extraordinary routes on tracks that were traversed exclusively by charcoal burners and shepherds, the only ones that inhabitated these inhospitable areas until a few decades ago. It is a harsh, wild territory, whose beauty has remained unchanged over time. No trace of the man is found for long kilometers pedaling along these paths, pervaded by the scent of the cistus and the Mediterranean scrub that, on windy days, mixes with that of the sea, which is not far away.

There are four tours identified by mema bike tours for Thok excursions in Sardinia, but each has two different tracks based on the difficulty and type of adventure. One starts from the Golgo Plateau and winds its way down to the incredible Cala Sisine, one of the pearls of the Gulf of Orosei. The Golgo Plateau is a basaltic plateau cut from the limestone mountains that divide it from the sea. The paths are a sequence of bumps and passages between limestone rocks and often during the journey you can see the sparkling blue of the sea that stands out against the sky. There is then a path that winds through the heart of Sardinia, between the granite rocks of the Gennargentu. The excursion with Thok e-bike in Sardinia in this part of the island is a real journey back in time. Only silence reigns in these mountains, from Genna Croce to Fennau passing through Campo Oddeu. The territory is treacherous but particularly exciting for lovers of mountain bike excursions in Sardinia but also for those who love contact with nature and want to experience it 360 degrees. Then there are the tracks that from Dorgali climb the wildest Sardinia towards the gorges of Su Gorroppu, the deepest canyon in Europe.

Leaving the sea behind, along these paths you can feel the true essence of the most authentic Sardinia on your skin. Civilization seems light years away as you ride through the centuries-old trees and basalt, granite and limestone formations, where Nuragic men once also passed. The fourth path follows the ancient route of the codula (valley) that reaches Cala Gonone, also the sea. Here at every turn the mountain opens up showing the beauty of a pristine territory, which man has always preserved from his own arrogance. The aim of the Thok bike excursions in Sardinia organized by mema bike tours have the aim of showing this island in all its nuances. The Sardina Thok Tour is an experiential journey through the history and nature of this island, two elements that blend indissolubly into its unique territory. We like to define our Sardinia Thok Tour as a wild / emotionan journey for the sensations of adventure in nature, completed by a yoga experience, Hatha yoga in the morning and yin yoga in teh afternoon, to feel even more part of this gift of nature. Being able to find harmony with nature is the aim of the Thok bike tours in Sardinia. Every tour ends in front of the fiery sunsets, before reaching the base point where you dine around the fire together with the shepherds, true guardians of the traditions and beauty of this island, which have lived in these places which transmit a very strong energy since the dawn of time.


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