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Sardinia, ancestral and forged by nature

Sardinia, ancestral and forged by nature

There is no other place like Sardinia, there is no other part of the planet that has the characteristics of this land. The island of Ichnusa is unique in the world with its succession of bays along the coast and inaccessible inland passages.

Cycling holidays in Sardinia are the best way to explore this island even in its most hidden corners. The e-bike tours in Sardinia allow you to discover the true essence of the island with a unique journey through its traditions, beauty and history.

What to do in Sardinia? With e-bike tours you can do everything. From the coast to the inland, thanks to the pedal assisted mountain bikes it is possible to reach any place on this enchanting island. The electric mountain bike tours in Sardinia with Mema bike tours allow you to experience the island at 360 degrees as you could not do otherwise. Hikes take much longer to reach destinations, which in most cases are off-limits to cars. Electric mountain bike excursions in Sardinia can be made on varied routes from the coast to the inland, crossing sites of historical and natural interest of rare beauty.

Sardinia is the island of granite. Sardinia is harsh and rough like this rock, a backbone of very ancient origins. Granite has forged the Sardinian coasts, made them jagged and often inaccessible. The e-bike tours in Sardinia often follow the coastline, caress them and give them a privileged point of view that otherwise would be impossible to have. Cycling along the paths that for many years have been for the exclusive use of shepherds, true guardians of this land, allows you to see Sardinia from a different point of view, discovering aspects that you could have not imagined before.

Mema bike tours offers different solutions for e-bike holidays in Sardinia, trips to the heart of the island with expert guides able to tell and accompany you to discover its secrets. Those who choose to make an e-bike trip in Sardinia usually do not want to limit themselves to hit and run, they love to go deeper, feel the nuances on their skin. Those who book an e-bike tour in Sardinia want to go through the nature and fill their eyes with its colors and its intoxicating scents. Along the trails to be covered with the electric mountain bikes in Sardinia it is not uncommon to come across archeological sites, full of charm and mystery.

Energy is the true beauty of the island, the same that drives e-bike and yoga holidays in Sardinia. Mema bike tours, in fact, is not limited to making this land known in its deepest shades but to those who want it offers the opportunity to reunite with the energies of nature through meditation sessions. The e-bike trips in Sardinia with Mema bike tours can include yoga lessons with experienced teachers, to be carried out in close contact with nature, which help to find inner balance.


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