I was born and raised in Bressanone, South Tyrol, and I have lived 20 years between Munich (Germany), Lucerne (Switzerland) and Glasgow (Scotland). I cannot say I have fallen short of beautiful places, quite the opposite. But Sardinia ... is different. It is not only the beauty of this island, which is actually not always "easy" to live in, but a set of many things, which makes me for the first time in my life feel truly at home.

I am a person who enjoys sharing with other people, so I would like to share this journey with you, and allow you to see this island with my eyes. In the saddle of an ancient mean of transport, in its most current interpretation ancient by spirit only. There are no longer fatigue nor obstacles, but the ones that you decide to confront yourself with. The magical sensations you experience will last long.The magic of a land lived in the saddle of a magical electric mountain bike. This is Merlin's Magic Bike Tours, or just Memabike.

Pier Merlin

Mountain Bike Guide / Yoga Instructor (Hatha/Yin)