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Explore a different way of travelling.

Explore a different way of travelling.

Apart from the most lazy and skeptic tourists, there are a lot of enthusiasts who consider cycling holidays the best way of travelling. In recent times there has been a lot of talk about cycle tourism. But why should I spend my holidays cycling?

One of the reasons is that bikes allow you to explore areas that would be inaccessible by cars or other means of transport. But there are a lot of benefits in travelling by bike, from many points of view!

A mountain bike holiday in Sardinia allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes and panoramas, experience nature and the wonders of this island, decide yourself the speed of your moving forward, ranging from pristine beaches to corners of the inland where time seems to have stood still, between cultures and breathtaking views, in an exciting mix. There are many reasons to decide for a mtb trip in Sardinia, starting from the zero impact, the benefits for our body and our mind and why not also our metabolism increasingly threatened by sedentary life and stress.

The mountain bike trip in Sardinia, however, is not only a way to train your body and keep you fit. It is something more, something that has to do with a different way of understanding life and time. Thanks to a mtb holiday in Sardinia it is possible to live a different, perfect trip, which allows you to savor every single moment. Moving by bike means experiencing the journey along the entire route, from departure to arrival, from one stage to another. In fact, an adventure mtb trip in Sardinia offers extraordinary paths, among which we find the tracks that were used only by the charcoal burners and shepherds, the only ones who until a few decades ago went into these areas inhospitable, making this experience an e-bike adventure in Sardinia.

It is a harsh, wild territory, whose beauty has remained unchanged over time, and only an adventure trip in Sardinia allows you a first-hand experience and the feeling you are one with the surrounding territory. There is no trace of mankind for long sections pedalling along these paths, pervaded by the scent of myrtle and Mediterranean scrub which, on windy days, mixes with that of the sea, which is not too far away. All ingredients to live a real mountain bike adventure trip in Sardinia.

A mtb holiday in Sardinia doesn’t only allow you to the discover the inland and the beautiful coasts of this island, but it extends and expands to create a true connection with this place. The energy of nature is expressed with maximum force in some areas of this island, creating the best conditions for an adventure trip to Sardinia.

Surely you are wondering: but on a territory like this isn’t it too difficult on a saddle? Absolutely not if you choose an electric bike! An e-bike adventure trip in Sardinia is the best way to live a unique experience that you would never have thought possible on such a simple vehicle! And Mema Bike Tours offers its customers the best if they are looking for a unique holiday. Mountain biking adventure trips in Sardinia combine the pleasure of naturalistic excursions in this varied and extraordinary island with the cultural discovery of a unique indigenous ethnographic universe, making your e-bike adventure trip in Sardinia an indelible memory over time. The sporadic meetings can lead to an invitation at one of the pastoral structures of the inland where you can taste handmade cheeses and cold cuts of rare wholesomeness. The adventure trips in Sardinia should not to be missed by the travellers that are most difficult to surprise.

During the entire duration of the adventure mtb trips in Sardinia, which can be 4 or 7 days, morning and evening yoga sessions are also offered to align body and mind to everything that has attracted our senses during the day, from granite rocks forged by the wind to the scent of the sea that mixes with that of the Mediterranean scrub or that of wild vegetation. Sardinia e-bike adventure trips allow you to discover everything that is far from promotional postcards, far from the limelight but more true and sincere in its nuances.


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