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The scents of Sardinia with e-bike tours.

The scents of Sardinia with e-bike tours.

Sardinia is not just sea. It is a palette of colors and scents that, like in a dance mix and blend, taking you often away from the coasts.

 In Sardinia the scent of sea and salt is mixed with that of the Mediterranean scrub and of the wild vegetation, to that of the dry soil in summer and impregnated with rain in autumn. The electric bike tours in Sardinia allow you to discover the part of Sardinia far away from the postcards sceneries and the limelight, but more authentic and real in all its nuances.

Rough, inhospitable and difficult to understand: this is Sardinia, an ancient land that for millennia has closed in on itself, offering itself today in all its beauty. Mountain bike excursions in Sardinia along the paths that climb through the woods, through the scents of a distant time, which can only be appreciated in this way. Thanks to e-bike tours, it is possible to reach any part of the island quickly, experiencing the joy of a healthy ride in the middle of nature. The wheels that now face granite, now a dirt road, now a path traced by the shepherds ages ago enhance the aromas that characterize this island.

A mountain bike tour in Sardinia is not a simple adventure on two wheels but is a true complete sensory experience that trains all five senses. Heading towards the coast during an e-bike tour, as you get closer to the sea the smell of saltiness becomes more intense, pushed by the constant wind of the island that penetrates into the woods. It is a sweetish perfume, which intoxicates and makes us understand that we are close to our big blue brother. But even once on the sea, the acrid and intense scent of the Mediterranean scrub and cysts, that of the strawberry trees and the earth, does not abandon you. It is there, mixed with that of the sea, to create the scent of Sardinia. It is a fragrance for a selected few, for the few adventurous who choose to try a unique experience with a mountain bike tour in Sardinia far from the usual circuits.

The coast of Sardinia is a succession of coves and beaches, often deserted even on the days of the highest season. It is the wonder of an island that shows itself from its best side with every meter of road and that few people discover completely. Traveling in Sardinia by bike is the best way to explore some of the most extraordinary landscapes of this island, to get closer to nature and its ancestral energy that otherwise would remain hidden, a few inches away, without being discovered . Mema bike tour in Sardinia guides you through a unique holiday experience.

The proposed e-bike excursions in Sardinia are not limited only to the discovery of the territory and its beautiful coasts, but they range and expand, to create a true connection with this island. The energy of nature shows with maximum power in some areas of this island, creating the best conditions for long meditation sessions. A yoga holiday in Sardinia, which is combined with e-bike tours, is the perfect way to reconcile with yourself in a friendly environment, which, however inhospitable as it may seem, is actually the right place to find yourself. Yoga in Sardinia immersed in nature, surrounded by scents and tranquility, the absence of a strong human settlement and the land as it has been delivered to us from the millennia that worked these elements are the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday.


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