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Autumn excursions in Sardinia

Autumn excursions in Sardinia

Autumn in Sardinia is an explosion of colors and scents. After the summer, when mass tourists left, the island returns to being a land to discover for travelers, for those seeking the authenticity of this island, not limiting themselves to find the best beaches.

There is a whole world that waits to be discoverde beyond the coast, a world that with autumn excursions in Sardinia becomes accessible for everyone, also thanks to the work of Mema bike tours. Ours is a consolidated reality in the field of bike tours in Sardinia, for which we use the latest generation Thok e-bikes. They are premium all mountain pedal assisted mountain bikes, which makes it easier to tackle routes on bumpy tracks but and paths of medium-high length. Our offer includes not only bike tours but also yoga classes in Sardegna, to increase harmonization with this extraordinary nature and regenerate your mind. We offer a complete experience for mental and physical well-being that is unique of its kind.

We are among the most experienced organizers of ebike tours in Sardinia and we provide the necessary bikes and equipment. Our proposals for bike tours in Sardinia in fall are numerous and range from the coastal strip to the inland. This island seems shaped for lovers of mountain bike tours and this is thanks to the generosity of mother nature but also to the people that preserved its integrity over the centuries.

Our cycling tours in Sardinia cycling tours in Sardinia are mainly in the north-eastern part of the island. The Costa Smeralda, its inland, the Barbagia and the Ogliastra are incredible regions to discover with an ebike tours in Sardinia, it doesn’t matter if during a single day or a multi-day tour. For those who want to take a testride to understand what a Thok bike is, we offer fun excursions of 25-30 Km to San Pantaleo right up to Mount Moro, from which you can admire the magnificence of the Costa Smeralda from a privileged point of view. You can choose different routes, all of great emotional impact, and some of them reach some of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda. These autumn excursions in Sardinia with Mema bike tours cross splendid woodlands in which to admire the foliage, the nature that changes its clothes and ignites the views with vivid colors. The paths of San Giacomo and Monte Limbara wind entirely in the inland of the island, in the heart of Gallura and allow you to discover the island also through the experience with locals. We offer bike tours in Sardinia that not only show the beauty but also allow you to experience the ancient culture of this region, so different from the rest of the country. They are tracks that are carried out in a ring, during which stops are planned by some inhabitants in inaccessible areas, ready to open their doors to tell a little of their history, inextricably linked to this land, offering you a drink. The ebike excursion on Monte Limbara is perhaps one of the most complex due to some passages that require a good basic technique. For those with experience it is one of the most exciting and funny tracks. Autumn in Sardinia is perhaps the best season for hiking, which is why we propose this season the bike tours in Costa Smeralda, from Porto Rotondo to Golfo Aranci, touching one of the most fascinating coastal stretches of the whole island. The climate of this island hardly denies a regenerating bath in Cala Moresca and Cala Sabina, two unique pearls in the world. Among our proposals there is also space for bicycle excursions in Costa Smeralda on the multi-day and to La Maddalena, to discover the charm of an island on the island, crossing the paths taken by Giuseppe Garibaldi. Mema bike tours aims to offer not a simple bike tour in Sardinia but a true sensory experience on two wheels. We can involve our customers in yoga classes in Sardegna with qualified teachers, for a path of mental regeneration that goes perfectly with the positive sensations of an ebike excursions in Gallura. Those who wish, can instead choose the bike & wine route, an extraordinary experience to discover the delicious nectar of this land at the end of a bike tours in Gallura, behind the Costa Smeralda. Local wine tastings, after a tours in Sardinia with e bike tour in Sardinia with e-bikes and after a visit to an extraordinary vineyard that produces Vermentino and Cannonau grapes. The yoga classes in Sardegna experiences and the tasting of Sardinian wines are unique pluses, as is the stop at the homes of the locals along the cycling excursions in Sardinia cycling paths in Sardinia, which give an even sweeter taste to a trip by bike in nature .


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