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Choose a sustainable vacation.

Choose a sustainable vacation.

Choosing a sustainable holiday in Sardinia means living a holiday with the awareness of respecting in the first place the territory that surrounds us, but it makes the sustainable trip to Sardinia even more interesting from a naturalistic, cultural and food and wine point of view.


When you think of Sardinia, the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, you usually remember all the main destinations where tourists arrive in large numbers from June to September. The concept of sustainable tourism in Sardinia is obviously the most distant you can imagine from these places, but in fact it is the perfect way to discover its wonders, where the common means of transport would not dare to go, and make this trip a real adventure in Sardinia.

We can therefore say that the concept of eco-sustainability is increasingly taking hold in this area, when we move further and further away from mega hotel structures and crowded beaches. For a sustainable holiday in Sardinia, however, it is advisable to choose carefully your destinations and above all the means by which to face this experience, which reaches its maximum potential by riding an electric bicycle that has exponentially increased sustainable tourism in Sardinia in the recent years making the target audience considerably wider which in the past was almost always concentrated on a mature age, while now it tends to drop and consequently to move the hand towards adventure trips in Sardinia.

The e-bike experience in Sardinia that we offer you is rooted in the principles of responsible tourism, and is suitable for those who have a strong love for nature and adventure in Sardinia. Our proposal not only uses the sustainable means of transport par excellence to live this adventure, but tries to go a bit further, for example recharging the batteries of bicycles with renewable energies when possible and in the use of a chain lube that is 100% biodegradable in order not to leave any kind of pollution in the environment. The paths are a succession of hills and passages between limestone rocks and during the path you suddenly see the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean Sea that stands out against the sky, and it is precisely in these moments that you reach the peak of appreciation for an e-bike holiday in Sardinia, which is unique in giving these emotions!

An e-bike adventure trip in Sardinia combines the pleasure of naturalistic excursions in a varied and extraordinary island in the mittle of the Mediterranean Sea with the cultural discovery of a unique indigenous ethnographic universe. The e-bike and adventure in Sardinia allows sporadic meetings that can lead to an invitation at one of the farms in the inland where you can taste handmade cheeses and cold cuts of rare goodness, making the e-bike holiday in Sardinia a unique experience that will surely remain impressed in your memories, from taste to smell, from sight to hearing. The e-bike and adventure in Sardinia is not a simple adventure on two wheels but it is a true complete sensory experience that trains all 5 senses, in fact during the routes you can see panoramas of colors so bright and loaded that they almost make you doubt the existence of some shades in nature, and all this thanks to the e-bike tours in Sardinia, the perfect territory for those looking for strong emotions.

For those who want to opt for an e-bike adventure holiday in Sardinia, the perfect destination is certainly the center of the island, in the Supramonte area, where the transhumance paths wind through a rugged and wild territory whose beauty has remained unchanged over time and where there is no trace of man for kilometers making your adventure in Sardinia unique. Pedaling along these paths you will be pervaded by the scent of cistus and the Mediterranean scrub which, on windy days, mixes with that of the sea, creating intoxicating moments for those who combine e-bikes and adventure in Sardinia. Heading towards the coast as you get closer to the sea the scent of saltiness becomes more intense, which pushed by the constant wind on the island penetrates the woods creating unique essences.

During an e-bike holiday in Sardinia it is the intoxicating sweet scent that makes us understand that we are close to the sea, the main actor who offers unimaginable shows, making the holiday a real adventure in Sardinia. But even once you reach the sea, the acrid and intense scent of the Mediterranean scrub and the cysts, that of the strawberry trees and the earth does not abandon you, it remains by your side during the e-bike experience in Sardinia. It is there, mixed with that of the sea, to create the scent of this land, it is a fragrance for a select few, for a few adventurous people who choose to try a unique experience with an adventure trip to Sardinia far from the usual circuits.



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