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Adventure trips, the new frontier of travelling sardinia

Adventure trips, the new frontier of travelling

Sardinia is an extraordinary island that waits only to be discovered, lived and appreciated. It is harsh, sometimes inhospitable due to the peculiarity of its territory, but when you find the right keystone to understand it, you cannot help but love it.

This is the aim of the Mema bike tours adventure trips to Sardinia, which offers tours and itineraries on the island to those who love to immerse themselves in wild nature, in places where it seems that man has never set foot.

Anyone who thinks that Sardinia is just about sea hasn’t obviously had yet the chance to turn its back on the coast to discover the wonder of its inland, where granite and old forests have been the home of an ancient and mysterious civilization. Which is the best way to discover such a harsh, pristine and breathtakingly beautiful territory? The bike! The trips in the nature of Sardinia with Mema bike tours are designed for those who want to go beyond the clichés to learn about the true essence of this ancestral land, still unknown to most, which is shown in a different guise meter by meter.

The adventure bicycle tours in Sardinia wind along ancient routes, the paths of transhumance, traced over the centuries by shepherds, the only real users of the Sardinian inland, custodians of a boundless cultural heritage, natural and traditional. The Italian transhumance routes, the traditional pastoral practice of seasonal migration of cattle along narrow paths, of which the Sardinian ones are a typical example, have recently been awarded the UNESCO cultural heritage.

Adventure trips with e-bikes in Sardinia allow you to travel long stretches in the heart of the Sardinian nature in total safety. Mema bike tours offers different routes that cross the territory from the inland to the coast, many of which are also suitable for those who are not very familiar with two wheels on off-road routes. The silence of the ancient woods beyond which the blue of the sea stands out is one of the characteristics of the paths of the Ogliastra, one of the historical regions of the island of Ichnusa. Whatever the season designated for a bike trip in Sardinia, the island is able to amaze with its colors and excite with its suggestions. But the favorite season to visit and to get the best out of it is spring.

In spring nature in Sardinia explodes and you are surrounded with its colors and scents. The warm sun caresses your skin while the adventure bike trip leads along the paths steeped in history and archeology. One of the peculiarities of cycling excursions in Sardinia organized by Mema bike tours is the chance of enriching one's cultural awareness with every stroke on the pedals, when almost without noticing one goes through millennia of history along a path that leads to the heart of the island. The nuragic civilization has left its traces on the island, which tell us the story of this land and this people, among the oldest in the Mediterranean. An adventure bike tour with Mema bike tours is also this, thanks to the expert guides who illustrate a unique reality in the world, set in the wild nature.

The adventure bicycle tours in Sardinia combine the pleasure of naturalistic excursions in a varied and extraordinary island with the cultural discovery of a unique indigenous ethnographic universe. The very sporadic meetings can lead to an invitation to one of the pastoral structures of the inland where you can taste handmade cheeses and sausages of rare goodness. During the adventure trips in Sardinia, which have a duration of 5-8 days, are also scheduled morning and evening yoga sessions to align mind and body with the immersive experience of the adventure trips in Sardinia, donating you every day different emotions.


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