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Mema bike tours
Are you looking for interesting excursions in Sardinia? Or would you like a solution that offers you both  accomodation and bike activities in Sardinia? Either way you are in the right place.
Your bed and bike holiday in Sardinia
Why choose a bed and bike holiday in Sardinia with Mema Bike Tours? Because our motto is "best e-bikes, best guides, best experiences".
Thanks to high quality e-bikes, multilingual guides and unique travel experiences, you will live unforgettable moments that go beyond the classic cycling holiday in Sardinia. And not to mention the convenience of having your appartment and bike avitivities under one roof! You can stay at our BED&BIKE SARDINIA, which offers two mini apartments with kitchen for a total of four beds. Our bike excursions in Sardinia will start from here.
Try one of our e-bike excursions, immersed in the stunning landscapes of Sardinia, which not only offers nices beaches but also many breathtaking views in the hinterland. We offer original tours in Sardinia by selecting only the best: a relaxing day between e-bikes and yoga, an adrenaline-filled day at an adventure park or the visit of ancient archaeological sites. You can also try a wine tour with wine tasting in the middle of the vineyards or  taste typical dishes in a characteristic village tavern.
You won't have to worry about fatigue. In fact, thanks to our pedal assisted mountain bikes, you don't need to be a trained rider! You will find different e-bike tours for every level of experience and difficulty. Choose among EASY tours if you want an experience of relaxation and fun. If, on the other hand, you are a regular biker and you love more adventurous routes, take a look at our FUN tours and book the one that's right for you! In any case, it is possible to personalize the route, stages and difficulties.
In addition to daily excursions we offer multi-day adventure trips in Sardinia, such as the 5-day SUPRAMONTE EMOTION & ADVENTURE in the heart of Sardinia.
It's time for a different e-bike experience in Sardinia!
Who is behind Mema Bike tours
Let me introduce myself! I'm Pier Merlin, I was born and raised in South Tyrol and I have lived abroad for 20 years, between Germany, Switzerland and Scotland. As you can imagine, I saw many beautiful places. But Sardinia ... is something different. It is not only about the beauty of this land, which is not always “easy” to live in, but a combination of many things, which makes me feel truly at home for the first time.
I left a safe and well-paid engineering job to move to Sardinia and completely change my life. I have always loved cycling but at some point I decided to transform my hobby into a work. Today I am lucky enough to be an e-bike guide in Sardinia, which allows me to be in close contact with nature and people and above all to love my job!
I am a person who loves sharing with people, so I would like to share this adventure in Sardinia with you. I would love to show you this land through my eyes and my stories, by riding an ancient vehicle such the bike, but in its most modern version. There will be no more obstacles and challenges, a part from the ones you decide to face. The magical sensations you will experience will remain in your heart. The magic of a land experienced through the saddle of a magical electric mountain bike. This is Merlin's Magic Bike Tours, Mema bike for friends.
In addition to guiding you on tours in Sardinia, I am a Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga Instructor. If you like, we can practice yoga or meditation together. Yoga lessons always take place surrounded by nature and are possible both during excursions and at our bed and bike accomodation in Sardinia.

Mema bike tours commitment to a sustainable holiday in Sardinia
Choosing an e-bike experience in Sardinia with us also means contributing to the development of sustainable tourism in Sardinia. The bike is in fact the most ecological vehicle. Cycling does not produce any CO2, in contrast to other activities such as an off-road vehicle tour. Mema bike tours is committed in many ways to create sustainable experiences in Sardinia. Thanks to Pier's previous experience as a consultant for renewable energy and energy efficiency, we know how to reduce our impact on the environment. We have implemented concrete measures to guarantee you the most sustainable bike holiday in Sardinia.
Bikes and excursions
The batteries of our e-bikes are recharged with 100% renewable energy only. Furthermore, we use an innovative and completely biodegradable lubricant for the bicycle chain, that does not leave any chemical traces in the environment.
For us, a sustainable trip to Sardinia also means having the opportunity to take care of your health. For example, by practicing sport on our e-bikes and breathing the pure air of our island. We also like to integrate activities that promote the well-being of our guests. This is why we organize yoga lessons, both at our bed&bike, and during the tours. Furthermore, working together with health professionals we also offer AYURVEDA treatments and other holistic disciplines, to give you maximum relaxation and regenerate yourself.
Bed and bike
Our bed and bike accomodation uses exclusively energy from renewable sources. Thanks to the photovoltaic panels, every year we produce more energy than we consume and we have totally eliminated fossil fuels. The energy produced by the photovoltaic system can also be used to recharge the guests' electric cars via a wallbox.
We use only ecological cleaning and laundry detergents. Furthermore, we make our guests aware of the environmental impact of their holiday by giving them valuable advice. We also pay close attention to the waste aspect. In fact, in addition to separate collection, we use a composter for organic waste.
In our countryside we have a "synergical vegetable garden", where we grow fruit and vegetables without chemicals and in harmony with nature cycles. We have intentionally renounced to grow the lawn, due to its high water consumption and we only irrigate the plants that produce fruit and vegetables. In our garden we regularly organize synergical agriculture lessons to share our knowledge on cultivation with our guests.
Our collaborations for a sustainable tourism in Sardinia
We strongly believe that unity is strength, so we have established collaborations with people and firms who share the same core values and the desire to create for you a sustainable holiday in Sardinia.
Active Holiday Sardinia
Alberto Nani, the boss of  Active Holiday Sardinia is another expert on e-bike experiences in Sardinia. He was born in Vicenza but chose to live in Sardinia 10 years ago. Active Holiday Sardinia organizes e-bike tours especially in the Dorgali and Supramonte area. The SUPRAMONTE EMOTION & ADVENTURE tour was born from the collaboration between Mema bike tours and Active Holiday Sardinia. It is a multi-day bicycle trip in Sardinia that combines e-bike and yoga in the stunning setting of Supramonte mountains.
But Alberto and Pier are much more than colleagues. They met at work and soon discovered that they have so many things in common, like having birthdays on the same day. What brings them together is the great passion for biking and storytelling about Sardinia. Every now and then they get lost around Sardinia in search of off-road paths chasing mouflons, obviously by bike!
Francesco Piras is a hiking guide and has created Passizende, a firm that promotes sustainable travel to Sardinia. Francesco accompanies nature lovers on hiking tours. The collaboration between Mema bike tours and Passizende also stems from shared values about sustainability. One of the common projects is the creation of an equipped space in the countryside of bed & bike Sardinia. Here Francesco does nature-based activities with children and teenagers, such as the recognition of plants, the preparation and care of the synergical vegetable garden.
Francesco is accompanied by his mascot Dunkeleddu, a black hiking dog, who plays an important role in his tours and activities with the kids. Dunkeleddu is also Kira's best friend, whom you will always see wandering around the bed & bike.
Rete Ecoturismo Sardegna
We are part of the Rete Ecoturismo Sardegna (www.retecoturismosardegna.com), a network of tourism entrepreneurs who offer sustainable experiences in Sardinia. We feature over 50 companies including guides, tour operators and service providers, who are committed to protecting the environment and our territory according to common criteria.
In particular, those who, like us, are cycling or environmental guides, commit to follow these rules:
    •    where possible, use public transport and travel on foot or by bike
    •    prefer activities in small groups and in any case not exceeding 15 people per guide
    •    inform guests about the local flora and fauna and how to act with respect for the environment and local culture
    •    walking and cycling on existing paths and tracks to respect plant and animal species
    •    do not pick any flowers and plants during excursions, especially if they are protected species
    •    do not take away rocks, sand or fossils
    •    do not leave waste in the environment, not even organic and biodegradable ones.
    •    collaborate with firms that operate in an ethical and sustainable way to generate a positive economic impact in the territory
    •    during aperitifs or packed lunches use 0 km - food and recyclable packaging, eliminating plastic in all its forms

As we promise in our motto "best e-bikes", we provide our customers only with high-quality electric mountain bikes, perfect to offer you the best e-bike experience in Sardinia. A top-of-the-range bike is also ideal for "explorers", not just for experienced riders.
Our e-bikes are all full-suspended, to guarantee the best performance but also the highest comfort on any terrain. The same goes for the tires, or perhaps we should say inflatables, due to the generous dimensions. Inside the tire we put an anti-puncture liquid which seals any holes. This permits to avoid stops during the tours in order to repair the tires.
The frame, in which the Shimano engine and battery are inserted, has a low center of gravity for the maximum handling of the bike.
All bikes have a Vario seat post, certainly the most unusual component for people who are unfamiliar with this type of bicycle. However, this is one of the most useful tools and which you will certainly use during your e-bike holiday in Sardinia.
Particular mention should be made of the brakes. These are very powerful disc brakes, but also perfectly modular, which give great confidence in a very short time. So you can safely tackle the most inaccessible descents of your e-bike trip in Sardinia.
At our bed and bike we have an assistance workshop equipped for repairs. Of course we also offer immediate technical assistance during all our excursions.

Are you thinking about where to spend your next covid free holidays? Or are you looking for inspiration for sustainable holidays in 2022? In both cases, an adventure trip to Sardinia with Mema Bike Tours is what you need.
After so many months of lockdowns and restrictions, we all want to live new travel experiences, which make us savor freedom again. But we also want to enjoy a carefree holiday and not worry about our health. This is why the search for covid free destinations 2022 has grown.
Our bicycle tours in Sardinia are in themselves a very low risk activity. The excursions take place outdoors in full nature and address the individual traveler. In fact we make up small groups of 4, max. 6 people to avoid crowds.
Recent studies carried out all over the world on the spread of Covid, have highlighted that only one out of a thousand infection occurs outdoors. (source https://quifinanza.it/editoriali/video/coronavirus-contagi- Aperto-riaperture/478419/). In addition, physical activity strengthens the immune system and protects you from possible infections.
Our excursions can therefore be practiced carefree even in this period of high level of guard. However, we have developed an Anti-Covid protocol to guarantee you maximum peace of mind:

    •    we maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters when we stay and even greater during cycling
    •    we use the face mask according to the current laws
    •    The pick-up service at the accommodation facilities is limited to 4 people belonging to the same family
    •    we provide a face mask for each participant and alcohol-based gel for hand disinfection
    •    yoga activities take place exclusively outdoors

Our bed and bike in Sardinia is the perfect place if you are looking for safety and tranquility. The two apartments are completely independent from each other and there are no common areas.
Immersed in the Gallura countryside, the rooms will guarantee you a peaceful holiday and total privacy. You will enjoy the wide open spaces between our synergical vegetable garden and the countryside. The only sounds you will hear are the singing of the crickets and the sheeps bells.
Sardinia is one of the covid free destinations par excellence. In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic it has been among the regions with the lowest contagion index. With its large spaces by the sea and in the mountains and its low population density you will not risk running into crowds.
In addition, Olbia airport has recently inaugurated the first airport screening center in Italy: the Health Testing Center. Here it will be possible to carry out the Covid test before returning to your country of origin, getting the results very quickly.
So, which place is better than Sardinia to spend your covid free holidays?
Since the start of the pandemic, we have begun to look more closely at the effects of climate change and pollution on our planet. We understand that the travel industry must also become more sustainable and take care of the environment. Following the various lockdowns and the time spent at home, the demand for new travel experiences in contact with nature has increased. The pleasure of a walk in the forest or a bike ride has been rediscovered. Slow and responsible tourism have become increasingly sought during last year and will also be important for sustainable holidays in 2022.
With Mema bike tours you have the opportunity to live experiences in nature knowing that we care about sustainability and your health!


Sardinia offers a great variety of wonderful routes to discover by bike


You can ride one of our premium e-mountain bike Thok MIG, an Italian product of highest quality


Mema bike relies exclusively on qualified guides


We provide regular maintenance, technical problems during the excursion will be solved immediately


If you wish we can offer you a package that includes the transfer from your accommodation


Organic products, yoga lessons, wine tastings: we work with qualified partners


Anyone taking an excursion with us is covered by a liability insurance


Explore Sardinia to the fullest by choosing the tour level that's right for you!









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