Why choose a bike tour?

Because you're too slow on foot ... and you're too fast by car! The bike tours allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Sardinia without worrying about the effort: you will find diversified tours for each profile, you will decide if this holiday will be full of sport or relaxation. It is possible to agree together route, stages and difficulties.

Why with Mema Bike?

You will never have to worry about anything; from my experience I have learned to overcome any kind of unexpected events that can happen during an excursion. Our Thok e-bikes are professional jewels that are very different from the bikes you would find in a classic rental centre, where maintenance is not always a priority.

Why in Sardinia?

Sardinia is not only beaches, but also beautiful landscapes in the inland and breathtaking views. Whether you are an occasional biker or a professional, the bike tours will allow you to enjoy the crystal clear sea, but also the trails in the woods, the rocky slopes and the nuraghi, offering you a variety of unexpected and unforgettable routes. You bet?

Why is it suitable for everyone?

It's time for a different holiday than usual: thanks to the pedal assistance of our MTBs it is not necessary to be trained or to ride a bike every day, you just need to choose a tour among those with the level of difficulty EASY. If you are a regular biker and love more adventurous routes, take a look at our FUN tours and book the one that's right for you!


EASY day tours

EASY excursions are suitable for families, couples and occasional bikers. We’ll ride mainly on little frequented byways and gravel roads. Our steeds will be the Thok e-bikes, professional and safe electric bicycles. Tours can be tailored to your needs with personalized routes and stages


FUN day trips:

I tracked the paths of the FUN excursions thinking of the usual bikers, mtb enthusiasts and anyone who wants to venture into exciting routes to discover Sardinia. The routes are mainly developed on dirt roads, forest roads and trails of different difficulty levels. In some cases, short transfers on paved roads are necessary. We will not do any downhill or enduro. The bike that will accompany us will be the e-bike Thok.


Holidays and travel

Our trip "Supramonte Tour" in the two difficulty variants Wild and Emotion and our holiday "Costa Smeralda" are our proposal to let you experience the magic of Sardinia on a multi-day e-bike tour. We will take you to the most beautiful corners of this island and you will experience unforgettable emotions. For a even more intense and regenerative holiday experience, we combine both tours with the practice of yoga.

Thanks to the Thok e-bikes you will not have to worry about anything. Any climb will be a waltz and you will be able to have fun downhill without being afraid. These e-bikes do not fear rivals and achieve enviable results in tests with the most popular e-bikes. Agility, maneuverability and perfect weight distribution are just some of its strengths.

  • high stiffness in the central part of the frame that allows exceptional maneuverability and perfect reactivity in all conditions
  • TPS rear suspension system, with metric shock absorber and dedicated rocker. The progressive suspension was designed specifically to make obstacles, even the most challenging, much easier and safer to overcome.
  • removable battery covered by a guard of ABS material.
  • water bottle in traditional position and integrated motor protection.

I placed great emphasis on bike quality and maintenance. An aspect that many do not consider: accompanying the customer I realize immediately if a bike has a problem and I can correct it during the excursion, if necessary, or immediately thereafter. Precisely for this reason my bikes always come out in excellent conditions. Bikehires often hire their bikes in poor conditions because they do not notice at all that they have a problem, and the traveler may stay on foot. Repairing during excursions (it's a rare event, but it can happen) turned out to be an extremely interesting event for my traveling companions, happy to see how it's done and to have a guide able to put them back on the road in 10 minutes

Our bikes are suitable for beginners because they are easy to handle and allow you to face in complete safety both the most steep climbs and descents, to let you fully enjoy your excursion. This thanks to the lowered center of gravity, designed to optimize weight distribution, and to the optimized connection between downtube, motor bracket and rear triangle, as well as to the rear suspension with metric shock absorber.

The Thok e-bike is perfect for experienced cyclists who can have fun on the more adventurous trails thanks to an agile and extremely reactive bike; the suspensions accompany the movements allowing to overcome even the most difficult stretches of our tours. For those who love trails, it is definitely the bike to try!


What they say about us



Sport, Fun, Relax


I was born and raised in Bressanone, South Tyrol, and I have lived 20 years between Munich (Germany), Lucerne (Switzerland) and Glasgow (Scotland). I cannot say I have fallen short of beautiful places, quite the opposite. But Sardinia ... is different. It is not only the beauty of this island, which is actually not always "easy" to live in, but a set of many things, which makes me for the first time in my life feel truly at home.

I am a person who enjoys sharing with other people, so I would like to share this journey with you, and allow you to see this island with my eyes. In the saddle of an ancient mean of transport, in its most current interpretation ancient by spirit only. There are no longer fatigue nor obstacles, but the ones that you decide to confront yourself with. The magical sensations you experience will last long.The magic of a land lived in the saddle of a magical electric mountain bike. This is Merlin's Magic Bike Tours, or just Memabike.

Pier Merlin

Mountain Bike Guide / Yoga Instructor (Hatha/Yin)



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